New signage at the Appleby Inn

You may have noticed that we have new signage at the Appleby Inn. This is a project that has been in planning for a couple of years but unfortunately hit a delay or two and has eventually provided a much needed facelift for the exterior of our establishment.

As the years have passed signage and the purpose of signage has undergone significant change. As you may have seen our previous signage was packed with information, contact telephone numbers, opening times, offers and much more. All of the information that was crowded into the old signage is now readily available at the click of a button via the internet. On handheld devices you can explore an establishments full services in seconds even when on the go. With advertising your full repertoire on exterior signage no longer so imperative our replacements focus more on the Appleby Inn Hotel branding and logo. Giving off a clean, classy feel the new signage at the Appleby Inn fits in well with our ongoing progression whilst aiming to maintain a traditional feel. The road sign still offers a short bullet point style detailing of varied services customers can enjoy at the Appleby Inn Hotel, the second story signage displays our name and nature of the business with our new logo and company brand, above door level direction signs guide you to where you need to be heading, the original post sign from when we purchased the premises has been restored and the shield which now sits proudly in the post reflects its history with our shortened logo above the reference to the year we began here at the Appleby Inn Hotel, all of this finished off with a polite “thank you for your custom” as you leave our car park ensures our friendly welcoming nature is with you right until you leave our premises. All lighting for the signage comes with the latest LED cool white strip-lights illuminating the relevant signs in the most flattering, energy efficient way possible. You will be able to see further images in our gallery.

We hope you are as taken with the new signage as we are, it has been a long project but one we feel is very worthwhile and we offer our thanks to Ben and his team at Magna Signs for the design, production and installation of the signage and also for allowing us to work so closely with them on the project, they are well recommended by us!