New menu

When the time arrives where we need to construct a new menu here at the Appleby Inn it is certainly a challenge! With dishes taking their place on our menu that have been cooked the same way since our doors opened back in 1986 we endeavour to compliment our long standing array of dishes by adding new exciting choices for our guests. Each year in a bid to freshen up our menu and update our offerings some dishes are replaced with a brand new recipe item. With the popularity of existing menus, and there not being a stand out candidate dish to be removed, we find the task quite difficult writing a new menu. As you all know from your visits we aim for a broad range of clientele to visit the Appleby Inn, aiming to offer something for everyone whilst sticking to our preferred, traditional style of cooking and service of meals. We aim to strike the right balance of continuing to modernise whilst holding on to our traditional values. As stated some dishes are off limits, we could only imagine the uproar should we ever tinker with our famous steak pie or alter the recipe for our menu favourites such as chilli con carne and chicken curry!

The new dishes have been warmly received with chefs own pepper and stilton fillet being a stand out favourite, our new chilli burger (my own personal pick of the updates) drawing many compliments and a bid to stick to our roots a traditional lamb shank addition is selling particularly well, don’t forget to try the delicious salted caramel toffee crunch pie for dessert.

Be sure not worry if some if your own preferred dishes have slipped of our main menu, we do return some offerings through our large chefs specials board for those seeking a touch of nostalgia when visiting! This week our chefs offered old favourite cottage pie for a guest special.

Our latest menus are available to view on our website, featuring our new brand logo too! Head over now to see what new dishes await you for your next visit and let us know your thoughts on the new menu!