Post Christmas Review

As we trundle through the dreary January months we seem to leave thoughts of Christmas well behind. When the decorations are down and the tree is back in the loft festive feelings are long banished for another year. Unless like us at the Appleby you served your last Christmas dinners mid January! Some guests prefer to leave group lunches until after December when the intensity of christmas has faded and we are more than happy to oblige, we will even serve Christmas dinners in June if that is what the customer requires!
Reflecting on the Christmas period we are extremely proud to have hosted so many lunches, dinners, events and of course Christmas Day and Boxing Day and receive such wonderful feedback. Our ticketed events sold out in record time this year with not a spare chair spare for all of our entertainment nights, such was the demand we have set aside extra dates for 2018 with our entertainment evenings starting in November this year, we already have some acts confirmed so if you want to secure your place please ask what we already have planned! Christmas Day sold out in August before we had change to pin a poster to a wall! Boxing Day we hosted a full Adelaide Suite and a packed out bar and restaurant! Our pre-christmas menu proved so popular had no midweek availability until the days just before Christmas.

Sold out dates aside our most enjoyable part of hosting guests over Christmas is the feedback we receive and the enjoyment we see during guests visits. Watching the Adelaide Suite dance away during our entertainment nights, with the wonderfully talented compere Marc Bolton fighting his way back the stage, gives us great pleasure and pride in our work. Christmas Day took on a new lively atmosphere this year when one table triggered a restaurant sing-a-long to the background music!
So although the tree is in the loft, everyone is trying to resist the leftover chocolates, and we are all wearing our new token present of socks, we are still basking in the warmth of Christmas until the 15th at least! We hope to see you all again throughout the year and we are ready and waiting for the early bookings for next Christmas, it might seem premature but we fully expect to be showing the sold out signs again by September at the latest!